Software Protection

Software is now part of everyday life: applications at work, PC games at home, programmable machine control in industry. Over the last few years, software applications have also become increasingly important in server and virtual cloud environments. Regardless of location, the development and distribution of software is a time-consuming and cost-intensive process.

Hardware-based protection:
A hardware device is integrated with software and used to protect and license an application.Hardware-based protection uses a physical device, commonly known as a dongle, USB hardware key or security key. To implement, the dongle’s firmware is integrated with the software.

1: Sample code:
Use hardware dongle extensive sample code across 80 programming languages to protect your software and see results in less than an hour. After more than three decades in this business, we have developed the utilities, sample code and API to make integration with your software quick and easy.

2: Driverless:
SVS dongles are all driverless. Operating in HID mode for Windows and USB mode for Mac and Linux means no software to install for end-users.

3: Remote update:
SVS dongle Remote Update allows you to easily and securely update production devices in the field without reissuing or recalling the dongles. You can modify any of the programmable features of our dongles using either telephone or secure e-mail communication.

4:Time base:
SVS dongle eliminate the worry associated with the life expectancy of batteries or the clock itself. Our technology detects attempts to modify or extend a license by adjusting the computer’s clock. If further security is needed, use SVS dongle that has its own on-board clock, independent of the computer’s.

5:Flexible licensing:
SVS security dongles support demos, evaluations, trials, leases, rentals, product modules, product features, concurrent use, pay-per-use, user and usage counts, or any combination.

6:Enhance memory:
Implement complex licensing strategies with enhanced memory available in our products. Up to 4KB of programmable memory is available for even the most creative licensing implementations.

7:Network Support:
SVS dongles support networked applications on Windows. Allow any number of simultaneous users to access one centrally-mounted key and enforce usage compliance.

8:Managed Licensing:
Protect multiple applications with a single dongle or require separate devices for each application. On Windows machines, you can run multiple keys on a single server.

9:Many options:
SVS security dongles support any version of Windows from 98 and higher – including both 32 and 64-bit versions. We also support Macintosh OS X on either Power PC or Intel processors or Linux, including ARM processors. Use our serial port devices on any hardware that supports standard RS232 communications, with no drivers required. We even continue to offer hard-to-find Parallel dongles.

10: Cloud base Protection:
In most cases, SaaS and PaaS are licensed on a per user basis. The number of users currently logged on or created on the server is counted. The ISV is responsible for the server which it is assumed is secure. SVS provides support for both the ISV and the user.

We know that choosing software protection for your intellectual property can be challenging. Many companies appear to offer similar products and services, however, our customers tell us that SVS International stands out from the rest.
You’ve spent time creating your products and want to protect them with just as much care. Yet, many companies delay selection of their security and licensing partner until the end of their development cycle. They then rush through the process and choose the first security vendor that appears to meets their requirements. SVS International encourages you to carefully consider all facets of this important relationship, not just product and price. Call us to more information.