CSR: SVS’s social responsibility Program is not limited to a specific area or subject. Being a humanitarian company we felt the need to put our maximum efforts to all fields which required heed and action for improvisation, be it education, environment, rural development or social welfare. So we decided to go for a 360° campaign.

After many brain-storming sessions, to give the thought a right direction, the concurrence was for adopting our part time ‘Art of Living social serving’ as our official Company Social Responsibility. Art of Living, a non-profit NGO based organization already active for over 30 years, focusing on developing the health and well-being of under privileged and marginalized people. The projects have been developed for both rural and urban conditions, focusing on social, economic and environmental transformation.

Programs that are being run at present by Art of Living:

  • Women Empowerment: pledged to protect girl child, vocational training of over 5000 rural women
  • Environment: plantation of over 2.2 million trees, 2 million farmers trained for natural farming techniques and organic farming, 1152 bore-wells and 904 biogas plants built
  • Education: Over 51,000 children study in 425 free schools
  • Health: 5.6 million people benefited by 165,000 free stress-relief camps 49,500 hygiene camps and 25,950 medical camps, 5,418 toilets built in rural village and urban slums communities
  • Child Protection: Over 1 million pledged to protect the girl child, Over 1, 30,000 people sensitized against child marriage in Bihar
  • Vocational Training: 5000 youth trained in various vocational skills, 5000 rural women trained and 258 SHGs formed, 1800 prisoners and 1300 reformed militants trained
  • Freedom beyond bars: 1800 prisoners and 1300 reformed militants trained for vocational courses as well as human values and life improvement skills are being taught.
  • Disaster Relief: With its worldwide network of volunteers, the Art of Living Foundation along with its sister organizations, The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) and Vyakti Vikas Kendra India (VVKI) is often able to respond swiftly to disasters anywhere in the world, providing physical and mental relief as well as material aid, taking upon itself the responsibility of rehabilitating societies affected by violence and other natural disasters

How we contribute:
Financial Aspect: SVS contributes by providing direct donation and by helping in raising funds for various projects. Art of living course are also organized from time to time for this cause.

Moreover we donate a dedicated amount annually from 1% of our sales profit to the Art of Living Trust.

Being active member of ‘Bharat Vikas Parishad’ we distribute books to promote education along with it we also take care about school uniforms, woolens etc.
SVS is one of the members who adopted a Blind Girls Ashram and we provide supply of day to day basis items from food, toiletries to clothes.

Volunteer based services:
Apart from financial support, we are also indulged in volunteer- based activities. We not only present ourselves for volunteer works but also play important role in preparing and managing big teams for bigger requirement e.g. Uttrakhand flood, Clean Yamuna Drives, Swacch- Bharat Abhiyan.

We also conduct or assist in conducting regular Blood donation and free eye-check up camps.

We work on the concept of joining hands and to bring everyone together to form a unit of those all, who are willing to make this world a better place to live.